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LOGHLegend of the Galactic Heroes (anime series)
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Bond Estimate (two steep) [LOGGDP.sub.i,t-1] -0.223 (-2.56) (**) LOGINV 0.130 (3.75) (***) LOGINF -0.0037 (-1.71) (*) LOGH 0.070 (0.96) LOGOUV 0.013 (0.41) ILF -0.0626 (-2.94) (***) LOGDEPPUB -0.122 (-2.24) (**) Governance 0.0037 (0.60) constante -0.383 (-0.89) AR(1) -1.735 pvalue 0.0827 AR(2) -1.3916 pvalue 0.1640 Sargan test 12.414 p-value 1 Ob.
Effect of Arya and Paris (AP) model reliability on the simplified model (SM) accuracy Root mean square error (RMSE) of SM is for logK (m[s.sup.-1])-SM line; RMSE of AP is for logh (m)-AP line.
Indeed, after Valentyne succeeds in knocking Launfal's helmet off, we are told that in mockery he "logh and hadde good game" ("laughed and had good sport"; 577)--much like the Green Knight when the knights at Camelot hesitate to play his "gomen." Launfal is provoked by Valentyne's laughter in precisely the same way as is Arthur: "Hadde Launfal neuer so moche shame" ("Launfal never had so much shame"; 578).