LOGIICLinking the Oil and Gas Industry to Improve Cyber Security
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Further leveraging technology like ArcSight, Project LOGIIC set about to build smart connectors to data sources unique to the oil and gas industry such as the Telvent SCADA system, the Honeywell DCS process control system and the OmniFlow flow computer system.
To provide even greater situational awareness, LOGIIC assembled a centralized dashboard that mapped out everything from spikes in event traffic to policy violations to critical alerts.
However, as evidenced by initiatives like Project LOGIIC, the oil and gas industry is taking this threat seriously and implementing new security steps to protect the critical oil and gas infrastructures.
For instance, Project LOGIIC leveraged ArcSight's event correlation engine to collect messages and log entries from many different devices on the network and infer the relationships among them.
The goal of the LOGIIC Correlation Project was to leverage the collective resources of oil and gas companies, the United States Department of Homeland Security, and technology vendors to identify and demonstrate new technologies to help protect oil and gas process control systems.
The LOGIIC Correlation Project working group was comprised of experts in homeland security, oil and gas, security research, security technology and process control technology.
SRI International, an independent nonprofit research and development organization, today announced its role in the LOGIIC Consortium, which has successfully completed a project to improve the security of the nation's oil and gas critical infrastructure, helping to protect it from cyber security threats such as viruses, worms and cyber terrorism.