LOGRSLog Restoration Report (oil production)
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567240.5 -4.914462 LogPIB 2.363976 0.267267 8.844984 LogRS 0.993380 0.394418 2.518593 R-squared 0.822132 F-statistic Adjusted R-squared 0.801207 Prob(F-statistic) Durbin-Watson stat 0.916408 FDI model= f(GDP, RS) Prob.
From the elimination process of factors statistically insignificant compared to FDI dependent variable follows that only P-value of parameters LogGDP and LogRS is less than 0.05.
From the analysis of regression equation resulted from the data processing it is found that LogGDP is positively correlated with FDI, ie if the value of this indicator increases by one percentage is noted an increase of foreign direct investment at the national economy level (FDI), it also LogRS is positively correlated with FDI ie in case of an increase with one percent in the annual rate of unemployment can notice an increase in foreign direct investment at the national economy level (FDI).