LOGSALogistics Support Activity (USAMC)
LOGSALogistics Support Agency
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At the request of the Army G-4 and the commanding general of the Combined Arms Support Command, LOGSA added 10 additional dashboard views of information to meet 10 brigade-and-below capabilities, transforming the M-COP from an AMC product to an Armywide product.
LOGSA will harness data and analytics via cloud computing to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of logistical coordination.
CASCOM immediately went to work and developed the table of distribution and allowances out-of-cycle adjustments needed to conduct CTASC operations at LOGSA and the COOP site and forwarded them to the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-3, Department of the Army, Force Management Directorate, where they were approved and implemented.
Some Soldiers think of LOGSA as the home of the Logistics Information Warehouse (LIW), where more than 65,000 users get asset visibility, equipment readiness information, and technical manuals.
TM 1-1500-204-23-11, Advanced Composite Material General Maintenance and Practices, Vol 11, is now fully authenticated and available on the LOGSA ETM website through LIW: https://liw.logsa.army.mil/
SLAMIS automatically provides email feedback to the requester and updates the NSLIN Master Catalog located in the LOGSA LIW.
LOGSA plans to improve LMI DST every 6 months until it becomes fully functional in June 2013.
The LIW main Web page, which replaced the WebLOG Web page, simplifies access to former WebLOG tools, restructures the LOGSA System Access Request (SAR) process, and provides single-sign-on access to the full capabilities of both WebLIDB and ILAR With the fielding of the LIW IOC, WebLIDB and ILAP are accessible only through the LIW Web site.
If you need hands-on training, LOGSA PSCC offers an onsite one-day workshop, "Basic Principles of Shelf-Life Operations." This class can bring your activity up-to-speed on proper DOD and Army shelf-life management procedures and techniques.
LOGSA's role in ERP is to support the development and execution of an integrated approach to managing logistics information.