LOGSALogistics Support Activity (USAMC)
LOGSALogistics Support Agency
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LOGSA will harness data and analytics via cloud computing to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of logistical coordination.
CASCOM immediately went to work and developed the table of distribution and allowances out-of-cycle adjustments needed to conduct CTASC operations at LOGSA and the COOP site and forwarded them to the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-3, Department of the Army, Force Management Directorate, where they were approved and implemented.
To accomplish this, LOGSA developed a comprehensive plan, with a related executive order, structured along four overlapping lines of effort (LOE).
After this successful landing zone lighting test, Army Aviation Support requested LOGSA authorization for the BrightEye System.
On 1 October 2005, PBUSE removed the capability previously available to the PBOs to assign their own NSLINs, added a hyperlink to SLAMIS for central assignment of NSLINs, and established links with LOGSA to include the NSLIN Master Catalog in the PBUSE application at the PBO level.
The asset NSN and serial number stored in PBUSE must match exactly to the asset record in the LOGSA database.
The LIW main Web page, which replaced the WebLOG Web page, simplifies access to former WebLOG tools, restructures the LOGSA System Access Request (SAR) process, and provides single-sign-on access to the full capabilities of both WebLIDB and ILAR With the fielding of the LIW IOC, WebLIDB and ILAP are accessible only through the LIW Web site.
Following the success of the LIDB-POP application, LOGSA received funding to expand the scope of the project to include all systems maintained by LOGSA.
Before implementing TPE Planner, LOGSA provided hands-on training to participants from 4 brigades, 16 USF-I Corps separate elements, 3 divisions, the 13th Expeditionary Sustainment Command, and the 402d AFSB's theater property book offices and RPATs.
Although LOGSA does have some personnel with cataloging experience, their main function is to extract and organize catalog data from the Army Central Logistics Data Bank (ACLDB) for use in various Army publications.
V-One's VPN products are the only ones currently certified by NIST to FIPS 140-1 for Pocket PC and Windows CE devices," stated Ron Miller, AIT Product Management Specialist, LOGSA , "this certification is a requirement for most DoD wireless communication applications.