LOGSTARLogistic Status Report
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The commodities we chose to manage with LRT were classes I, IIIB, and V because all three used LOGSTAR as a management tool.
On 15 December, management for IJOA class I, IIIB, and V commodities transitioned from LOGSTAR to LRT.
LRT lent itself to simple over-the-shoulder instructions and quick refresher training because of its similarity to common spreadsheets, making it easy to transition from LOGSTAR to LRT.
Out of necessity, Soldiers had created third-party applications to extract data from LOGSTAR in order to forecast and retain historical data.
Soldiers readily use LOGSTARs instead of BCS3 because they already understand how to use Excel.
In 2006, PM-BCS3 sent a data collection team to interview the troops on the ground and discover why they preferred LOGSTARs to BCS3.
It is the tool of choice for the Soldier because of its many advantages over both the BCS3 workstation and LOGSTARs. Primarily, it is an installed application on the Soldier's workstation, which is not only convenient but eliminates the need for having an additional laptop cluttering the workspace (which BCS3 requires).