LOGSTATLogistics Status
LOGSTATLogistics Statistical Report (also seen as LOGSTATREP)
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However, through authority delegated from the combatant commander, unity of effort, the battle rhythm, materiel management, and theater LOGSTAT reporting, the TSC can effectively conduct mission command of sustainment operations.
Since the brigade had not practiced any alternate methods of transmitting LOGSTAT information, we were unable to synchronize our efforts with the echelons-above-brigade support battalion that was responsible for supply distribution to our brigade.
Many units have not mastered the art of the LOGSTAT report and often report green (100 percent) on a commodity and then an hour later report black (less than 50 percent) on the same commodity.
* Forecast items and quantities on the LOGSTAT report based on expected consumption during upcoming operations 24 to 72 hours out.
The command post will generally request to know what supplies the platoons have on hand and what they need in order to generate a LOGSTAT. By using a logistics slant, the command post can gather the on-hand supplies and quickly determine the amounts required.
The solution to the multinational LOGSTAT gap during this exercise was Microsoft Excel, the Army's unofficial LOGSTAT reporting system.
If communications are disrupted during execution and LOGSTATs are not received, sustainers will not wait.
This planning is achieved through requirements forecasting and is enabled through daily logistics status reports (LOGSTATs) provided by maneuver units.
Because Soldiers lacked training and understanding of the Battle Command Sustainment Support System, the unit instead used JCR for LOGSTATs.
At the JRTC, LOGSTAT reporting is typically inconsistent and inaccurate during decisive action rotations, especially during joint forcible-entry operations.
One of the biggest challenges that logisticians face at JMRC is capturing the pertinent data points for the logistics status reports (LOGSTATs), especially for multinational data.