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LOHLoss of Heterozygosity
LOHLadies Of Harley
LOHLine Overhead
LOHLight Observation Helicopter
LOHLegion of Honor
LOHLarge Object Heap
LoHLoop of Henle (kidney nephron)
LOHLay on Hands (Paladin ability; Everquest game)
LOHLegend of Heroes (gaming)
LOHLady of the House
LOHLots of Hugs
LOHLoss Of Hire (shipping)
LOHLive Open House (virtual real estate network)
LOHLine Off Hook
LOHLebanon Opera House (Lebanon, NH)
LOHLabor and Overhead
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LINK: Consultant neuro anaesthetist Dr Will Loh, IT project manager Andy Evison and patient Norman Hurst, in video conversation
Loh, an organisational psychologist, said one possible reason for women's reaction to incivility in the workplace was the importance women tended to place on a good personal and social relationship with colleagues.
Loh Boon Chye will be heading the equities, fixed income, currencies and commodities global markets Asia.
Plans are underway to relocate Gitex Shopper from Airport Expo Dubai to Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DICEC) next year," Loh told Gulf News yesterday.
Due to necrosis of tumour and because of preoperative chemotherapy there was degradation of DNA and only 52 cases gave a satisfactory DNA for LOH evaluation.
I like finding old buildings that are a bit of a wreck," Loh told AFP in the lobby of his newest hotel, Wanderlust, which opened last year in Singapore's Little India district.
Large LOH of 1p was seen in 38% (9 of 24) of tumors (Figure 2, A and C), while 17% of chordomas had hemizygous loss of the 1p36 locus (4 of 23; Figure 2, E and G; Table 2).
Anthony Loh and Dr Fereidun Fesharaki Join DME Board of Directors
We are incorporating many new aspects that appeal to the stylish men and women of the region," Loh said.
Mr Loh, aged 48, from Ladywood, said it only took him half an hour to complete his work of art.
Cytogenetic investigations and microsatellite LOH analysis have revealed deletions in the terminal part of Xp in breast carcinoma (4, 5).