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LOHASLifestyles of Health and Sustainability
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(2015) examined consumers' environmental perceptions of children's furniture; and Wan and Toppinen (2016) investigated the effects of perceived product quality and LOHAS on consumer price preferences for children's furniture.
La investigacion que aqui se presenta busca, por un lado, abonar conocimiento sobre los LOHAS especificamente en la migracion de retiro, ya que, hasta el momento, son escasos los estudios que proporcionen informacion sobre este estilo de vida en Mexico.
The survey aims to generate insights into healthy-product trends that can help retailers and suppliers cater to the LOHAS (lifestyle of health and sustainability) customer.
Savvy health-aware consumers are skeptical about the natural label, are looking for known ingredient certifications like USDA organic and non-GMO, and are also relying on trusted brands, according to Karen Herther and Bethany Stanley, principals of Market LOHAS (Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability).
"Product 'Have Nots' are driving brand choice among healthy consumers/'said Karen Herther and Bethany Stanley, principals of Market LOHAS who direct the MamboTrack Research.
"At LOHAS, our focus is on educating and building community around the central theme of healthy and sustainable lifestyles for individuals and societies," said Ted Ning, Executive Director, LOHAS.
The key to re-thinking for the LOHAS dental client means sharing your commitment to their values: personal well-being, planetary well-being and community well-being.
While there is a collective sense that everybody could be doing more to help the environment, currently consumers are pushing back to companies to take the lead--62 percent of consumers said companies should be doing more, while only 48 percent said that individuals should be doing more according to the newly released NMI US LOHAS Study.
Its report lists organic non-carbonated drinks, baking mixes, frozen desserts and syrups as opportunities for manufacturers and retailers seeking to capture the LOHAS consumer's wallet.
Haas isn't just cashing in on the LOHAS trend, however, as she assures, "Everything I sell is an everyday essential, not clutter."
Based on its new vision 'Think GAIA', SANYO is simultaneously pursuing solutions for a comfortable living and consideration for the environment and would continue providing 'Global Energy Solutions' and 'LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) Solutions'.
Electric vehicle interest ZAP recently announced it was listed as the number-one stock on the weekly Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) index for the week of September 20.