LOIALubelska Okregowa Izba Aptekarska (Polish: Lublin Regional Chamber of Aptekarska)
LOIALate-Onset Intractable Asthma (immunology)
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scope of the LOIA as enacted so that it provides, "The legislature
Indemnitees continue to present arguments for inconsistencies between federal and state law to avoid the LOIA, but the Fifth Circuit has found nothing in the LOIA inconsistent with federal law.
Unlike the TOAIS, the LOIA only applies to death or bodily injury to persons.
Bumi Armada said EnQuest Heather Ltd, EnQuest ENS Ltd, First Oil and Gas Ltd, Nautical Petroleum Ltd and Nautical Petroleum AG had, via the LOIA, confirmed their intention to award the FPSO contract to its wholly-owned subsidiary, Bumi Armada UK Ltd.
Por exemplo, enquanto supermercados e loias de equipamentos domesticos, como o Prezunic ou as Casas Bahia, colocam os precos de suas mercadorias em seus anuncios na TV, as Havaianas ou a Rider, apenas apresentam o meio social que faz uso de suas sandalias, a estetica de seus produtos.
Also on Saturday, pedestrian Frank McRedmond, with an address at Hill View Estate, Clonslee, Co Loias was killed while crossing the road at Ballinakill in the county.