LOICZLand-Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zone
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The LOICZ budget model considers the flow of water, and that of the dissolved nutrients carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus, to produce a so-called nutrient budget.
The LOICZ budget model relies on conservation of mass, a fundamental concept in the physical sciences.
In these cases, the LOICZ model uses the "Redfield ratio" to estimate carbon from known changes in nitrogen and phosphorus.
To obtain baseline information about the status of estuaries worldwide, the LOICZ model uses secondary data obtained locally, gathered, for example, by health officials, environmental biologists, or even a school laboratory activity.
Members of the LOICZ project have conducted 15 workshops around the world to teach local experts how to develop nutrient budgets for their regions.
The LOICZ database of detailed information about coastal ecosystems is maintained at Stockholm University in Sweden.
Camboata Channel flow was not considered for the calculations done for LOICZ model since a "bidirectional" flow was deduced based on temporal series of salinity measured in a fixed sample station in the channel.
These characteristics were highlighted by the water and salt balance modeled with LOICZ (Fig.
The LOICZ model results, carried out for Brazilian estuarine areas, revealed that these ecosystems work in autotrophic conditions and act as nitrogen-fixing and denitrifying systems, like Guaratuva Bay, Paranagua Bay, Conceicao Lagoon and Marica Lagoon (Couto et al., 2000; Souza et al., 2003; Marone et al., 2005; Brandini, 2008).
One should bear in mind, however, that LOICZ model has limitations that may be important, especially when applied for shallow coastal ecosystems such as the Piratininga-Itaipu Lagoon System.
Biophysical and socio-economic assessments of the coastal zone: the LOICZ approach.
Summary of annual values, quantification of the parameters and data source, used for two-box models LOICZ, for the Piratininga-Itaipu Coastal Lagoons System.