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LOIDLegion Object Identifier
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This was associated mainly with the length of the lower molar row (alveoli) (LOID) and the width of the first lower and upper molar (La[M.sub.1] and La[M.sup.1]).
sajandi keskpaiga seadused ja nendest tulenenud mentaalsed muudatused koos keskvoimu senisest teistsuguse poliitikaga (parast keiser Aleksander II trooniletulekut) loid pinna eestkostesusteemi kiireks kadumiseks (26) ning kogunenud joukus toetas ka seltsiliikumist.
Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is a malignant neoplasm of epithelial cells exhibiting squamous differ- entiation as characterized by the formation of keratin and the presence of intercellular bridges.8 The cell of origin of oral squamous cell carcinoma is the oral ke- ratinocyte.9 The intracellular cause of oral squamous cell carcinoma is DNA mutation often spontaneous but increased by exposure to any of a range of mutagens chemicals physical or microbial.9 Histologically oral squamous cell carcinoma is of different types which are conventional type basaloid type spindle cell type verrucous type papillary and Mucoepidermoid adenosquamous acantholytic and cuniculatum.10 The Verrucous type is lesser aggressive form of squamous cell carcinoma SSC compared to more aggressive basa- loid form.10
The concentrations of heavy metal (loid)s in soils and other environmental media can vary widely, even in uncontaminated environments.
Gadd, "Evidence for the involvement of vacuolar activity in metal(loid) tolerance: vacuolar-lacking and -defective mutants of Saccharomyces cerevisiae display higher sensitivity to chromate, tellurite and selenite," BioMetals, vol.
Hirner, "Environmental distribution, analysis, and toxicity of organometal(loid) compounds," Critical Reviews in Toxicology, vol.
Peace was proclaimed at Versigh, which was attended by George Loid, Primal Minister of England.
Surprisingly, the highest amount of wastewater is produced by the biggest city of Karachi followed by Lahore, and Faisalabad, and this wastewater contains a wide range of inorganic and inorganic contaminants, such as heavy metal(loid)s (Cu, Fe, Ni, Pb, Se, As, Cd, Zn, Cr, Hg), dyes, oil, grease, pharmaceuticals, chlorides, fluoride, cyanide, sulphate, ammonia, phenolics, chlorine and detergents.
He covers the cycling of metals in the biosphere; chemical thermodynamics and metal(loid) complexation in natural waters; modeling approaches to estimating speciation and interactions in aqueous systems; metal(loid)s in the atmosphere and their inputs to surface waters; trace metal(loid)s in marine waters; trace metals in freshwaters; and trace metals and organisms: essential and toxic metals, organometallics, microbial processes, and metal bioaccumulation.
See also 2 LOID Extraterritorial Legislation [section] 8:4 (2011) (discussing the tension between applying extraterritoriality for jurisdiction and the presumption towards domestic law).
The translocation factor, TF, defined as the ratio of metal (loid) concentration in shoots to that in the roots, may be used to evaluate the capacity of a plant to transfer metals from roots to shoots (TF is usually > 1 or [greater than or equal to] 1) in (hyper) accumulators and < 1 in excluders (McGrath and Zhao, 2003).
Titan and Loid's have market targets of lower class but they have also produced models with high levels of specifications, although the market has yet to test their quality.