LOILLaser, Optics and Instrumentation Laboratory (Florida Institute of Technology)
LOILLakshmi Overseas Industries Ltd. (India)
LOILLaxmi Organic Industries Ltd. (India)
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The ratings reflect LOIL's long track record in the alcohol based chemicals industry, favourable demand growth prospects in the domestic market for key product - Ethyl Acetate, and access to captive sources to partially meet its raw material requirements.
Laxmi Organics Industries Limited (LOIL) was established in 1989 with the objective to setup alcohol based chemical plants.
lOil giants BP are set to reveal profits of pounds 2.26billion for the three months covering the fuel blockades - making almost pounds 7billion this year.
Resource Prices LOIL -2.74 LCOAL -1.18 LNFM -3.12 LIS -1.12 GOIL -11.81(*) GCOAL -10.91(*) GNFM -11.47(*) GIS -7.33 B.
Of the seven, only Brian Loil and Richard Forsman, both of Vancouver, Wash., survived.
Loil's father, Edward, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, also joined the group.
Survivors: Tyler Bohnet of Canby; Mark, David and Chris Hamlett of Portland; Brian Loil of Vancouver, Wash.; Richard Forsman of Vancouver, Wash.; Dale Brown of Portland and Mick Buell's daughter, Tamara Buell of Cloverdale.