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LOINCLogical Observation Identifiers, Names and Codes
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The Korean government has been trying to introduce LOINC, as its granularity is fine enough to support semantic interoperability, but LOINC is still being used less frequently than the EDI code.
use of standards such as LOINC facilitates integration of microbiologic culture data, minimizes chances for data errors in translating free text or handwritten test results, and makes it easier for laboratories to monitor antimicrobial resistance patterns.
The two behavioral measures, LOINC, TIMESLOG, and both the two- and four-cent coupon incentives (COUP2 and COUP4) tested significant at the .
I think we've made some progress because of HITECH, but I think there aren't just problems with the coding structures; people still think there are gaps and lack of sufficient granularity in LOINC.
Kripps has previously worked for Thomson Micromedex and has extensive knowledge of mapping drug data to SNOMED CT as well as LOINC.
Como trabajo futuro se planea usar modelos de informacion existentes en el dominio de salud, como los propuestos en la version 3 del estandar HL7, asi como vocabularios y terminologias estandar en el dominio de salud (SNOMED, LOINC, ICD-10), con el fin de mejorar la interoperabilidad semantica de los sistemas de informacion resultantes.
Using LOINC codes in laboratory order data improves interoperability and scalability for the detection system.
The Regenstrief Institute houses the database for the LOINC (Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes) standard medical vocabulary for exchanging health information between facilities.
4 percent of discharges, the 29 test results were mapped according to LOINC standards and were linked to the administrative data for each discharge.
16) Among other reasons, these specifications are of particular relevance to laboratories because they require the use of data standards, such as LOINC, HL7 v2.
Future work to identify nursing finance and value elements could be included in LOINC and current efforts are underway to incorporate the Nursing Management Minimum Data Set elements (Westra et al.