LOLFLoi Organique Relative Aux Lois de Finances (Organic Law relative to the finance laws)
LOLFLoss of Load Frequency (power generation assessment factor)
LOLFLaugh Out Loud Funny
LOLFLegion of Little/Other Folk (Everquest guild)
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Mais alors que la LOLF a ete elaboree autour de la notion d'evaluation de la performance des politiques publiques, les instruments de gestion des ressources humaines permettant d'assurer une meilleure reconnaissance des agents qui concourent a cette performance restent a elaborer.
C'est dans cette perspective que s'inscrit la LOLF du 1er aout 2001 qui a genere d'importantes transformations en matiere de gestion des ressources humaines par la performance.
lt;< Les demarches GRH et LOLF ne doivent pas s'ignorer >>, Revue francaise de finances publiques 104.
In parallel with the LOLF, education has been the subject of a number of government audits, at the instigation of the Ministry of Finance.
En premier lieu, la LOLF procede a un reequilibrage des rapports entre le pouvoir legislatif et le pouvoir executif en matiere financiere.
Uinnovation de la LOLF a consiste a introduire une subdivision au niveau de la charge publique.
The LOLF will allow improvements in the transparency of public sector accounts, improve the ability of the authorities to set spending priorities and increase the sense of responsibility among public managers by promoting a results-based outlook.
14 Another aim of the LOLF is to improve budgetary transparency, and to move public sector accounts towards the standards required of company accounts.
It is arguable, for example, that the accounting treatment recommended by Eurostat for the payment by EDF as a counterpart to the transfer of its pension liabilities would not be in compliance with the LOLF.
Under a new provision in the LOLF, however, the government is now required to say in advance what use it will make of any tax revenues overruns in relation to the finance bill.
Like the LOLF, it introduces a "targets--results" approach and now prohibits repayment of the social security debt borne by the CADES being carried forward any further.