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LOLLLies of Locke Lamora (Scott Lynch novel)
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LOLLLand O' Lakes Lightning (swim team; Land O' Lakes, FL)
LOLLLaughing Out Loud Literally
LOLLLaughing Out Loud Loudly
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Nick taught English at Guisborough's Prior Pursglove College and Loll worked at South Bank Primary.
The recombinant lines HOLL and LOLL were used for the present study.
Loll argues that the fifty-two measures of a 1908 fragment of a string quintet in D minor display for the first time a balanced interplay of rhythmic, harmonic, and motivic variation that afforded the composer independence from inherited forms without altogether severing the relationship to tradition.
For the most part the girls just loll around in bed, bored, contemptuous, horny: "A sense of you just fucked me and I hate you, but I loved it, can be detected.
Benefits are there to provide a safety net for those who need it through no fault of their own - not so whingers like Pat can loll about on their backsides.
Vocally, does it take a loll on the voice after a few shows in a row?
People without jobs--paid jobs, that is--were routinely described as "parasites" who were content to loll around at the "public trough.
Though he lives in Japan, as a 1985 Cooper Union graduate, Shigeru Ban is no stranger to New York and understands the special role of MoMA's sculpture garden as an oasis in the city, where afternoon visitors loll in Bertoia chairs among the sculptures and the groves of silver birch.
The Bryant Park BID was conceptualized in 1984 and has since changed a park that people avoided at all costs to a place where office workers go to eat lunch and loll in the sun.
They loll at home while the rest of us wonder why it is that pupils of more prestigious schools never run into difficulties like this.
And what kind of message does it send our kids if at the first sign of something being a bit tricky we pack it in and loll in front of the telly all day?