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LOMALetter Of Map Amendment
LOMA[not an acronym] (formerly Life Office Management Association)
LOMALarge Ocean Management Area (Canada)
LOMALouisiana Osteopathic Medical Association
LOMALocal Online Marketing Association
LOMALeadership Ocala/Marion Alumni
LOMALeague of Mercenary Assassins (gaming clan)
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Bringing LOMA and LIMRA together has been a long-term vision for many in the industry.
This was something that was fully understood by Loma Systems, who is now reaping the benefits across their businesses.
Founded in 1926, Loma Negra is the cement company in Argentina, producing and distributing cement, masonry cement, aggregates, concrete and lime, products primarily used in construction, which is expected by the company to be one of the fastest growing sectors of the Argentine economy in the coming years.
152), se han establecido algunas clasificaciones fito y zoogeograficas que, no obstante, requieren ser estudiadas en mas areas con el fin de establecer parametros mas rigurosos aplicables a cada loma.
He has further said that the La Loma acquisition will not have any direct impact on the Steinbach plants product line.
Unlike conventional topical treatments, which treat only the surface of the skin, Loma Lux products are taken internally to help attack skin disorders at their source, gently stimulating the body's own recovery response.
We can honestly say that both metal detectors have proved reliable and hassle-free with any issues being resolved quickly by Loma.
Along with the new name, the ACORD LOMA Forum is unveiling a new logo which incorporates a colored square with the number "10" to commemorate the anniversary.
The mums think very highly of her, and many of them return to see Loma on the ward after they have gone home," added Pauline.
With member approval, LIMRA and LOMA will come together as LL Global Inc.
Limra International, LOMA, National Association for Critical Illness Insurance and Society of Actuaries: Critical Illness Conference, Sept.
IT WAS A CLOSE-FOUGHT BATTLE, BUT IN THE END CAL STATE, San Marcos prevailed over Point Loma Nazarene University (Calif.