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LOMARLetter of Map Revision (US Army Corps of Engineers)
LOMARLaw Office Management & Administration Report (newsletter)
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The buyers at Lomar do the work of finding new products, so our stores have the variety and consistency of stock presence that's so important in this department," she points out.
2]) The concrete Age type (days) Cubic Prismatic CC 28 55,2 36,6 HPC with LOMAR 28 77,6 67,6 HPC with FORTERA 28 73,2 66,5 The The concrete elasticity [E.
They are Delta United Contracting Company (Delta) and Lomar Company.
16) Este resultado empirico es raro, pues parece contradecir el argumento de la teoria del desarrollo regional endogeno, que acepta la existencia de una relacion causal entre altas articulaciones productivas y crecimiento economico regional (Martinez-Pellegrini 1994), y se debe lomar con la debida precaucion.
150) Exclusive LOMAR Survey: Law Firm Leaders Weary and Challenged, But Still Poised to Succeed in 2003, LAW OFF.
La propuesta consiste en lomar las ventajas de cada una de las areas y combinarlas para desarrollos.
Preliminary results from the New Mexico test sites show that Class F ash, Lomar (HRWR), or blended Class C and F ashes may improve resistance to ASR distress.
Al comparar con ti caso venezolano tambien lenariamos que lomar en cuenta elementos asociados a la eficiencia de cada uno de los programas que se desarrollan.
The Norwegian shipping company Havila Shipping ASA said on Monday (15 August) that it had signed a three-year bareboat agreement with Lomar Shipping Ltd.
nisayon chozer veno'ash lomar mashehu letovat mered hageta'ot" (A Repeated, Desperate Attempt to Say Something in Support of the Ghetto Revolt): "First thing, at the opening of any discussion and at the end of all, let it be known that I have no regrets
29) Vasco Fernandes Cesar de Meneses was the recipient of the commandery of Sao Joao de Rio Frio and of Sao Pedro de Lomar in the Order of Christ and was Viceroy of India from 1712 to 1717, see Martins, Os Vice-Reis, 181-182.