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LOMEZLow-Altitude Missile Engagement Zone (US DoD)
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Sometimes described as a Canadian Straw Dogs (1971), Gina interweaves the twin stories of a documentary filmmaker/ Gabriel Arcand and Gina/Celine Lomez, a professional stripper.
Michaels d Daryl Duke sc Curtis Lee Hanson novel Anders Bodelsen ph Billy Williams ed George Appleby m Oscar Peterson with Elliott Gould, Christopher Plummer, Susannah York, Celine Lomez, John Candy.
1976, 105m, colour, sound, 35mm, also released in 16mm exp Pierre Lamy p Judy Steed and Joyce Wieland d Joyce Wieland sc Brian Barney from original story by Wieland ph Richard Leiterman ed George Appleby, Brian French m Douglas Pringle with Celine Lomez, Frank Moore, Lawrence Benedict, Sean McCann