LOMISLogistics, Operations, and Management Information Systems
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Relative bearing on the ADF (245) + magnetic heading (320) = magnetic bearing to LOMIS (565 - 360 = 205).
The ADF shows a magnetic bearing to LOMIS of 205, so you're just coming up on the 200-degree bearing.
Lomis says awards-season engagements figure into the film's future.
We would have liked to have seen it do a little bit more,'' said Eric Lomis, MGM's president of domestic distribution.
It's a tough subject," admits Weinstein distrib head Erik Lomis, "but for the most part, people stood up and recognized that this is a picture that deserves to be seen.
When you outgross your entire budget on opening weekend, it's always a good thing,'' said Erik Lomis, MGM's president of domestic distribution.
When MGM was acquired, the shuttering of the studio resulted in the departure of distribution prexy Erik Lomis.
Obviously, the public loves Reese Witherspoon, and obviously so do we,'' said Erik Lomis, MGM's president of worldwide distribution.
To see 'Just Married' do that kind of business last weekend encourages us to try and do the same thing this weekend,'' said Erik Lomis, MGM's head of distribution.
He was being eyed as a successor to Gleason, but Levin says he expects Lomis to stay aboard.
We probably could have opened it, but we didn't know that then,'' said Erik Lomis, president of MGM Distribution Co.