LOMSLoop (Assignment Center) Operations Management System
LOMSLos Osos Middle School (Los Osos, CA)
LOMSLearning Object Management System
LOMSLooking over My Shoulder
LOMSLake Olympia Middle School (MIssouri City, TX)
LOMSLate-Onset Multiple Sclerosis
LOMSLegends of Motorsport (Australia)
LOMSLady Oren's Medieval Shoes
LOMSLocal Operating Management System
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G-models are all of the above gyrostatic LOMs: Volterra gyrostats, coupled Volterra gyrostats, and n-dimensional gyrostats.
G-Models as Effective LOMs for Atmospheric Studies.
LOMs reveal basic mechanisms and their interplay through the focus on key elements and retaining only minimal number of degrees of freedom.
For all these reasons, G-models may probably offer a general framework for deriving effective LOMs of atmospheric dynamics and atmospheric time series analysis.
We have shown that the Vallis model of ENSO is a G-model and argued advantages of this type of LOMs. Even with ever-increasing computer power, LOMs remain important since, as noted by Smith [38], "although it is unreasonable to expect solutions to low-dimensional problems to generalize to a million dimensional spaces, so too it is unlikely that problems identified in the simplified models will vanish in operational models."
Such LOMs with quadratic nonlinearity are very common in geophysical fluid dynamics.
They also pointed to other examples of physical analogies, including those between the celebrated Lorenz (1963) low-order model (LOM) of thermal convection and phenomena occurring in lasers, the dynamics of a thermohaline loop oscillator, and El Nino-Southern Oscillation (HC13, p.
The main problem with LOM is that it is an XML-based development, which emphasizes syntax and format rather than semantics and knowledge.
To improve the above problem, a mapping from LOM to statements in an RDF model has been defined (Nilsson, Palmer et al.
The upgrade mentioned above from XML-based LOM to RDF-based LOM is an example.
To demonstrate the feasibility of MSLF, an intelligent LOM shell for finding relevant learning objects, called LOFinder, is developed based on this framework.
This study mainly aims to enhance the knowledge representation of LOM for computer-interpretable effects.