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We conduct an LOOCV strategy (as described in section 6.
6 shows the color map of the grid search strategy for the first round of LOOCV to determine [gamma], and [lambda].
Table 4 lists the highest LOOCV accuracy in 25 independent executions of each method for each data set.
27 TABLE 3: LOOCV accuracy (%) of the colon data set.
The regression-tree rule-based LOOCV approach (Malone et al.
A benefit of the regression-tree rule-based LOOCV approach is that uncertainties can be viewed spatially, so that end-users can determine which parts of the landscape have better soil-attribute predictions.
It does so by performing gradient-descent search to minimize the LOOCV accuracy of the VSM classifier.
11 show the results of PRSD, SoD, and LOOCV ratio from 43 pairs of trajectories when [lambda] = 0.
5], with a significant estimate in the six cohorts with LOOCV [R.
However, it should be considered that a correlation was present between age and various characteristics of the cohorts (prevalence of smoking, quality of the LUR models, levels of air pollution exposures, and quality of the outcome assessment) with older cohorts having lower smoking rates, higher LUR LOOCV [R.