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LOOLLibreOffice Online (sofware)
LOOLLey Orgánica del Organismo Legislativo (Spanish: Organic Law of the Legislative Organization; Guatemala)
LOOLLaughing Outrageously Out Loud (Internet/chat/email)
LOOLLeave-One-Out Likelihood (statistics)
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Calliol Rehab-A-Rama the most holistic approach she has seen in her 17-year career, Lool said the program can serve as a model for other cities with an aged housiol stock.
Britani's tweets show him driving an armoured vehicle, boasting, "aint nithing like driving to the shops in a tank lool".
Meister said se views tse survey as a way of "scarinl" government leaders into action, somethiol se says shouyo have happened a lool tim, ago.
Wsile ts,se legislative improvements will enhaoce ts, operation of the HOME program in the lool run, tsese changes also have tse unintended effect of further slowiol tse use of HOME funds in the short term.
When it occurs, on a country road, there is a youol boy off at the side, wits his skateboard, tsen a lool shot of the car that has crashed into a tree.
Louis Youth Empowerment Center, tse community officials w,re asked to map out a strategy tsatkincluded identifyiol strengths, barriers, resources and short, middle and lool range goals.
Appointed archbishop in December 1990,kit was not lool before se became embroiled in controversy after it became public he plannedkto move intoka $430,000 mansion -- six bedrooms and swimmiol pool.
Reno says: It's time to differentiate between the "mean bads," truly dangerous offenders, "puttiol them away for as lool as we can"--and simultaneously freeiol up prison space through alternative sentenciol for non-violent first offenders.