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LOOPSLoved Ones of Prisoners (ministry)
LOOPSLisp Object Oriented Programming System
LOOPSLISP (List Processing) Object-Oriented Programming System (programming language)
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Now you go out this afternoon to the Loops, and engage to do two turns.
Edna found the manager of the Loops a full-fleshed, heavy-jowled man, bushy of eyebrow and generally belligerent of aspect, with an absent-minded scowl on his face and a black cigar stuck in the midst thereof.
And,"--very suavely,--"speaking for the Loops, permit me to thank you for the kind and successful contribution of your services.
That Nan Bellayne was too much for him, and that she and her sister could come out and get her pay and the freedom of the Loops, to boot.
The quantum states of space depend on how these loops are knotted and linked.
System 32 - 32 PID loops and up to 96 data-acquisition inputs.
Each new row of loops is drawn through the top loops of the previous row, and the top loops of each row interlock with the bottom loops of the row above it.
FHWA will be investigating the Type Q and Type D loops in further research to see how well they preclude these problems.
e m-inverse loops and quasigroups, (r,s,t)-inverse quasigroups) and applications to cryptography.
Make more loops, pulling a new loop through each preceding one until you reach the end of the cord (Photo 4).
Three loops are currently being offered from North Asia to Australia - a South China - Australia loop, a North China - Australia loop, and a Japan - Korea - Australia - South China loop.
James Myers: The two situations we've seen where it's really been beneficial is before, when we used to have a couple hundred drives on the loop, if you get a rogue hard drive and many times going through a myriad of errors and error recovery, it can actually tie up and saturate and just dominate the entire loop.