LOPALouisiana Organ Procurement Agency
LOPALayers of Protection Analysis (safety analysis in the process industry)
LOPALow One-Photon Absorption (laser)
LOPALevel of Protection Analysis (risk analysis)
LOPALake Onota Preservation Association (Pittsfield, MA; est. 1985)
LOPALayout of Passenger Accommodation (aviation)
LOPALoss-Of-Pumping Accident
LOPALocal Payment of Airline
LOPALayout of Passenger Accomodation (FAA)
LOPALocation of Personnel Accommodations
LOPALanguage Of Performing Arts
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El solicitante en estos casos, pudiera indicar el lugar o empresa donde se halle o curse la documentacion, -de conformidad con el articulo 54 de la LOPA, sin que pueda negarse entretanto, -segun el articulo 45 ejusdem-, la recepcion de los otros documentos.
Members of the transplant community who wish to donate are asked to send contributions to the LOPA Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund, 301 Kaliste Saloom, Suite 101, Lafayette, LA 70508.
The expansion project, according to LOPA, will affect 200 families living around the airport who are being offered three options, including the purchase of their lots at P1,000 per square meter, which is below the prevailing market value.
The Final Rule unconstitutionally seeks to "commandeer LOPA and the Louisiana transplant centers into the service of a federal regulatory scheme.
When Hurricane Katrina devastated the Louisiana coast and knocked out telephone communications, scattered LOPA employees began relying on text messaging to communicate with each other.
Anyone wishing to register in advance to present comments at the meeting, or with special needs for attending or presenting information at the meeting, should contact Sarah Lopas by telephone at 800-368-5642, extension 1147, or via e-mail at Sarah.
Head groundskeeper Barney Lopas said after the season he will meet with the front office to consider tearing out the rubber track and replacing it with the traditional dirt track.
YOUR SUPER Sunday People has teamed up with Lopas and Body Image to give one lucky Northenr Ireland reader the chance to have their very own tatoo - and one for a friend as well.
Jumping ahead, the Troyens a Carthage evoked Evita and post-World War II colonialist affluence and worked palpably less well, particularly in a ludicrous conception of lopas (Quebec's Eric Laporte, singing well, but utterly sabotaged by the direction) as a louche fop channelling Elvis and/or Liberace.
The many smaller roles were strongly cast, especially including Matthew Polenzani as Dido's court poet, lopas (his one haunting aria stopped the show), Wendy White as Dido's sister, Anna, Jossie Perez as Aeneas's son, Ascanius, and Robert Lloyd as Dido's minister, Narbal.
AmSafe introduced the aviation seatbelt airbag in 2001 to provide the commercial aviation industry with an option for compliance with the FAA's 16G safety regulation while protecting airline LOPAs and their associated revenue.