LOPACLibrary of Pharmacologically Active Compounds (pulication)
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This chapter considers the birth of the polyester industry, with the process of stretching and the uniaxial orientation of polyester fibre, which was a precursor to the biaxial orientation of film and bottles; the demise of Lopac (the Monsanto acrylonitrile copolymer), which gave PET an invaluable lead as the polymer for rigid bottles to replace glass; the development of the preform neck finish, initially based on a glass finish so that plastic closures suitable for carbonated beverage PET bottles could be used, and the further developments in both the materials and the technologies.
Lopac (1975), polyacrylate (1975), nitrile barrier resins (1975), polybutylene (1975), Cryolite (1977), styrenic terpolymers (1977), high clarity PVC (1978), HMW-PE, acrylic-modified nylon 6, ethylene-vinyl chloride copolymer.