LOPHLouisiana Office of Public Health (Baton Rouge, LA)
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M3 occlusal surface: 0 = cuspate with a distinct paracone, protocone, and hypocone; 1 = lophate with 3 lophs; 2 = lophate with 2 lophs.
LOPH, with the assistance of CDC, has initiated a hospital-based, active surveillance system for viral encephalitis and meningitis.
There is no perfectly straight facet over the posterior loph. Lopholistriodon juba and L.
The LOPH traced oysters eaten by ill persons to retailers, wholesalers, and harvesters.
M3 with four or more well-developed lophs (1); or with reduced posteroloph (2); or with three or fewer lophs (3); polymorphic for (1) and (2) (4); polymorphic for (2) and (3) (5).
The LOPH analyzed data on injury-related incidents submitted voluntarily by 347 (87%) of 398 member drilling companies to the International Association of Drilling Contractors (lADC), an international trade association that represents the oil and gas drilling industry.
The molars are very narrow in proportion to their length, and retain little occlusal detail even in young animals, the cusps and lophs wearing rapidly away to dentine.
In the American mastodon [Dp.sup.4.sub.4], M 1/1 ,and [M.sup.2.sub.2] each consist of three transverse ridge crests, or lophs, which are formed by two cusps.
The teeth are triangular in cross section with the mesial and distal lophs of the occlusal surface converging towards the apex of the triangle, a feature characteristic of megalonychid sloth teeth.
The paraloph and metaloph are weaker and shorter than in Nyctinomops, in which the two prominent lophs converge and nearly reach the protocone.
For age determination we followed Libardi (2013) and Voss (1991), and recognized 5 classes defined by tooth eruption and wear of major cusps, lophs and flexi.