LOPPLake Okeechobee Protection Program
LOPPLarge Organisations Partnership Pilot (UK)
LOPPLoins of Punjab Presents (Indian movie)
LOPPLate-Onset Paranoid Psychosis (psychology)
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A nasty lopp of a sea came on at dinner-time, and I began to feel queer the moment the soup was put on the table.
Endereco: Avenida Osvaldo Aranha, 99/5[grados] andar, LOPP, CEP:90035-190.
Thomas and Lopp were arrested by local authorities and charged, but their case was transferred to California.
[1.] Jehlik, F., Wood, E., Gonder, J., and Lopp, S., "Simulated Real-World Energy Impacts of a Thermally Sensitive Powertrain Considering Viscous Losses and Enrichment," SAE Int.
Lopp. Synthesis of new N-tetrasubstituted derivatives of R,R-tartaric acid and their use as chiral ligands in oxidation catalysts, Proc.
"The founder of FSA, Jim Lopp, died tragically and unexpectedly of a heart attack at age 51 in 1990.
A tal efecto, ademas de la sancion de las Leyes Organicas del Poder Popular, en fraude a la Constitucion y a la voluntad popular que habia rechazado la reforma constitucional de 2007, en el mismo mes de diciembre de 2010, se introdujeron diversas reformas la Ley Organica del Poder Publico Municipal (LOPP), (34) en la cual, entre otros aspectos, se regulo lo siguiente:
Kui raakida rahvusliku liikumise perioodidest, siis jaab valjarannuliikumise algus rahvusliku liikumise B-faasi, selle lopp aga, mis ulatus 20.
After reading Larry Lopp's recent tirade about Nick Aliotti being a legend (Sports Mail, Aug.
David Lopp, O.D., Medical Director and Founder of 2015 Eyecare was elated and overwhelmed with the branding and launch of the new concept.
Ron Lopp, communications manager at CAWG, stated that although the NASS acreage report has been a matter of discussion among the CAWG board, the organization is not currently considering policy changes.
(See Helen Walters's brief 2008 piece on an SXSW presentation by Michael Lopp, one of Apple's senior engineering managers, for more on brainstorming in Apple's innovation process.