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LOPSLoss of Protective Sensation
LOPSLength Of Patient Stay
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The Congress has also argued that the Leader of the Opposition has become important over the past decades because the LoP has a role in the panel which clears appointments to constitutional posts like CVC, CBI, NHRC and Lokpal.
Lops ' selection for Origination News 's Top Originators list, American Registry seconded the honor and added David M.
BIG EARS: The lop rabbit when fully grown, will have ears which will reach 28-30 inches' LITTLE WONDER: Steve Hart with an 11-week-old English lop rabbit which has ears measuring 22 inches
The toughness of the LOPs at these low temperatures was also evident from attempts to freeze-polish the pure LOPs: Vectra A950 could not be polished; the glass knife fractured.
WORD-BUILDER: Loo, loop, loops, loos, lop, lops, oops, ops, polo, pool, pools, sloop, slop, sol, solo, sop, spool.
Turns out that the part that's skim is pretty skimpy (it lops off only three grams of fat).
Any patients with more than 2 sites insensate to the SWM are deemed to have "Loss of Protective Sensation" or LOPS, a serious illness of the foot requiring special shoes and more frequent foot exams to prevent ulcers and amputations.
She was born on May 4, 1917, in Leominster; daughter of Michele and Agnes (Billani) Lops.
I have raised Mini Lops as pets for the local pet stores for nine years.