LORADSLong-Range Radar and Display System (air traffic control system; Singapore)
LORADSLong-Range Air Defense System
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LORADS III is based on the Thales TopSky-ATC system, in service in over 130 of the busiest air traffic control centres in the world, making it the most successful air traffic management system for busy airspaces.
Featuring significant levels of automation and sophistication, the technology and operational concepts of the TopSky-ATC system enable LORADS III to achieve the minimum permitted aircraft separation standards, resulting in quicker landings while enabling outbound traffic to continue on safely without delay, reducing both flight time and emissions.
Most notably, Thales has successfully implemented the world s first ADS-B system in Australia, as well as developed the breakthrough technology used in Singapore s LORADS III system at the company s ATM centre of excellence in Melbourne the result of long-term investment and commitment to innovation.