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LORCALaser-Assisted Optical Rotational Cell Analyzer
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Francisco Lorca CEOEthosData Limited UK: +44 781 595 34 90 US: + 1 (310) 363-0423 Francisco.
Roberto Matta who knew Garcia Lorca personally was inspired by Dali's surrealistic portrait of the poet made in 1924 in Madrid when he created "his" Garcia Lorca whose single eye is setting its sight visionarily on the viewer.
This is followed by a chapter examining the relations, both personal and professional, between Dali and Lorca regarding the conceptualization and depiction of San Sebastian.
Noticias de imprensa referem-no (Gibson, 1987; Gomez, 2009) como ator no grupo teatral Anfistora, dirigido por Lorca e Pura Ucelay; e o diplomata chileno Carlos Morla Lynch (1957) testemunha o seu relacionamento com Lorca na casa madrilena de Pablo Neruda.
That's why it would have been hard to predict the Lorca quake based just on groundwater use, Gonzalez says.
It's a lovely town Lorca, there's lots of history and it's a shame.
TRAUMA Residents break down DAMAGE Bell tower wrecked at church CRUSHED Cars buried by falling debris in Lorca RESCUE Workers survey the wreckage in ancient town of Lorca in southern Spain yesterday
Linda Cook, who lives five miles from Lorca, said: "It was terrifying, absolutely awful.
Thirty people were hospitalized, and tens of thousands of residents slept in cars, shelters fashioned from cardboard boxes and lawn chairs at makeshift camps in parks in southeastern Lorca, about 30 kilometers from Mediterranean Sea beach destinations where little to no damage was reported.
2 - struck in quick succession, toppling historic buildings and injuring scores of people in Lorca, Murcia, yesterday afternoon.
Summary: Madrid, Jumada II 9, 1432 / May 12, 2011, SPA -- Saudi embassy in Spain confirmed that there are no casualties among Saudi nationals, neither the residents nor the visitors, in the aftermath of an earthquake which struck yesterday the Spanish city of Lorca in the southeastern part of the.
At least 10 people have died in collapsed buildings and dozens have been injured in the city of Lorca in southeastern Spain after a 5.