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LORCALaser-Assisted Optical Rotational Cell Analyzer
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Three-time Obie award-winning playwright Adrienne Kennedy, associated with the Black Arts Movement in the 1960s, has also recognized Lorca as a strong influence on her experimental theatre: "After I read and saw Blood Wedding I changed my ideas about what a play was.
Like other places in Spain, Lorca has the British to thank for bringing football to their country.
Noticias de imprensa referem-no (Gibson, 1987; Gomez, 2009) como ator no grupo teatral Anfistora, dirigido por Lorca e Pura Ucelay; e o diplomata chileno Carlos Morla Lynch (1957) testemunha o seu relacionamento com Lorca na casa madrilena de Pablo Neruda.
Lorca stresses the contrast between Don Quijote's absolute dogmatism ("believing that something is true only because an authority says that it is true" [Lorca 20]) and the explicit anti- dogmatism of the narrator (author) of the story in which the knight exists.
Lorca have lost all three of their away matches since gaining promotion last season and may be in for further disappointment in this 90-minute trip north from Murcia.
Como se acaba de anticipar, "First Examples of an Effeminate Pierrot: From Verlaine to Lorca", el segundo capitulo, vira hacia la tematica homoerotica y de la ambiguedad sexual, atribuyendo a Verlaine el afeminamiento o el ingrediente queer que tanto influira en el poeta de Fuente Vaqueros.
Nocturnos de la ventana, Federico Garcia Lorca, Translated by Sarah Arvio / 318
You can forgive Lorca for feeling a tad exhilarated, because his entry, Ned's Project, had just romped away with six trophies-best picture, production design (JP Sapitula), screenplay (John Bedia), cinematography (Tey Clamor), supporting actress (Max Eigenmann) and actress (for Angeli Bayani, who played the titular heroine, a lesbian tattoo artist who wants to have a baby).