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LORELine Oriented Editor
LORELimb Ozone Retrieval Experiment (US NASA)
LORELab on Reengineering (Antwerp, Belgium)
LORELaboratory for Ontological Research
LORELocal Operational Readiness Exercise (US Air Force)
LORELand Ordnance Engineering (Canadian Forces, now defunct)
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Lore unto himself: Idris Elba as rogue operative Brixton
I must confess a partiality for tikbalangs, the creature of our lore that was most often used to frighten me as a child.
In the main hall of Lore Karaiz Sariab Public Library, Yaqoob Baloch is hunched over Shaukat Siddiqui's Khuda Ki Basti novel.
Kgosi Cosmos Lelathego of Moeti ward appreciated the Lore Le Ojwa initiative.
But I'm so happy I have a Filipino now for 'Food Lore.''
More than a just another bestiary, "Monsters and Creatures" is a carefully researched volume of lore that documents the mythologies, sightings, and origins of over 100 weird and wonderful beasties from every continent and every time period, including modern monsters stalking us today.
Lore grew Jet to a $1 billion gross-merchandise-value run rate, and in 2016 Walmart paid $3 billion for the site.
Near Eastern scholars present the latest understanding of Akkadian and Sumerian texts associated with the profession of the exorcist in ancient Mesopotamia, in this collection of edited papers from the April 2015 conference, oSources of Evil: Complexity and Systematization, Differentiation, and Interdependency in Mesopotamian Exorcistic Lore, o which was held at the University of W'rzburg.
's top grocery and general merchandise retailer, where he led what Lore called the "grocery online transformation from 'tablet to table' for all of U.K.
Lore, who came to Walmart in September 2016 after the company acquired Jet.com, the online retailer he founded, said he spent much of his early tenure at Walmart in helping the company operate faster and more efficiently and become more customer-centric.
The game does feature quite common features and a not so rewarding gameplay mechanism, but it is the sheer lore value that kept us hooked for quite a while.
Place-lore reflecting the heritage of archaeological sites can be divided into two: 1) a continuous lore, originating from the time period of the construction and original use of the site; 2) a secondary lore, connected with a site's visual appearance, finds, or people's secondary activities/experiences regarding archaeological sites.