LORFLove of Reading Foundation (Canada)
LORFLong Open Reading Frame
LORFLaughing on Rolling Floor
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* Hypothesis 2: learners using a selection method that requires fewer actions (SRF, SOF, LORF) to access content will have a higher knowledge gain (KG) than those requiring more actions.
Last, the location-based room filter (LORF) has the highest pragmatic quality PQ (M = 1.60, SD = .85).
It can be seen that the group using a semacode-based object filter (SOF) on average performed worse, while the group using a location-based room filter (LORF) performed best.
In the LORF, the GKRN domain was found (online Technical Appendix Figure 2), which may act as the nuclear transport signal of NS1 protein.
Based on the responses to the Religious Fundamentalism Scale--Revised, a median split was used to divide the sample into high fundamentalism (hiRF) and low fundamentalism (loRF) groups.
Participants were separated according to a median split of Religious Fundamentalism Scale Revised scores into Low Religious Fundamentalism (loRF) or High Religious Fundamentalism (hiRF) groups, with scores falling on the median randomly assigned to either group.