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LORILarge Onsite Renewables Initiative (Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust)
LORILearning Object Review Instrument (e-learning resources)
LORILogic, Rationality and Interaction
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Daughter Lori, 27, has vowed to do all she can to fund her mother's treatment.
Fe ddaeth Mari (isod) i'r brig o drwch blewyn yn erbyn tri chyw gyrrwr lori o Wynedd i gael y golau gwyrdd gan y beirniad Russell Jones a'r hyfforddwyr Huw Williams a John Wyn Owen.
After receiving a Master of Occupational Therapy degree in 1997 from the Texas Women's University, Lori worked in acute rehab and home health.
In Chapter 1, Lori prefaces her consideration of selected texts with an examination of Italian national identity as it relates to colonialism.
I'm so lucky to have such a smart kid who's so active," Bell said earlier this month, watching Lori run and play in the yard of their new home in southeast Eugene, a house just south of the University of Oregon campus that she has rented so that Lori can attend Roosevelt while she tries to sell her home in the River Road area.
One thing he likes about Lori is she's not a gold-digger - she comes from a well-off family and has made a lot of money through her glamour modelling and Babestation work.
Remarkably, the Siamese twins are able to live very different and separate lives, with Lori having had relationships and George - who was originally named Dori - deciding to live life as a man.
Lori worked at the Montana Nurses Association from Oct 2008-March 2010 as the Continuing Education Director.
Lori, former head girl of Bryn Hafren, is currently studying radiotherapy and oncology at the University of Hertfordshire.
The thing to remember is that everyone is in the same situation," says Lori, 21.
Wannabe model Lauren McDonald got into a shouting match with fellow party girl Lori Bryce over a vandalism attack on Lori's car.