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LORISLocal and Regional Information Society (Czech Republic)
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Poachers can simply pluck a loris off a branch or shoot it so it falls down.
Having served in both industry and jurisdictional roles, Lori is able to understand both perspectives and recommend solutions that respond to the needs of all stakeholders while preserving the integrity of our standards" said Gregg Lutz, IAIABC.
According to Loris Bellini, when comparing new Pulsar machine to our ordinary technology, our customers appreciate its very low consumption figures, and we can share following astonishing numbers.
FC Zurich defender Loris Benito struggles with a pine marten which had run onto the pitch in a Swiss League game
MEET LORIS Mascot Loris along with Lily Walton and Catherine Kebell
A few species of slow loris may have been hiding--not exactly in plain sight, but in oversimplified classification.
They had brought the two baby monkeys of slender loris species from Bangkok on a Jet Airways flight.
Academics from Cardiff University School of Biosciences have taken up residence on the island of Borneo, Malaysia, to track the elusive slow loris.
Bois y Loris (S4C, 9pm) Mae clwb radio Bois y Loris gyda Geraint Lloyd yn ffefryn gyda nifer o wrandawyr Radio Cymru.
Some people perusing the papers recently found themselves staring at a photo of a Horton Plains slender loris.
he Horton Plains slender loris has been so elusive for more than 60 years scientists believed the wide-eyed mammal had become extinct.