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LOSERSLeague of Super Evil Revenge Seekers (Fairly Odd Parents TV show)
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Given the extent of week-week-week decline, the high-beta metal index shed more than 5.0 per cent to emerge as the leading sectoral loser on the BSE.
The Losers is based on a comic strip about a group of mercenaries.
The Losers is great fun from start to finish, packed with sharp one-liners, exciting stunts and clever concepts like the 'sonic dematerialiser' - an ultradestructive, non-polluting weapon of choice for green terrorists.
In between the clear-cut political winners and losers are a number of public figures with more mixed reviews.
According to the book Losers Loners and Rebels boyhood is a turbulent time.
So rather than finders keepers, losers weepers, finders may become keepers if they try to find the owner.
Baffour should have suggested a "good-loser therapy" for ordinary Tanzanians, the real losers. That wouldn't have been a joke!
White, middle-class businessmen dominate the pages of Born Losers, and their recorded stories of (and fears about) failure constitute the building blocks on which Sandage reconstructs both an expanding lexicon of American capitalism, as well as the formulaic plots, stock characters, and master narratives crafted to make sense of everyday experiences with failure.
Panelists unanimously agreed that the redistribution of financial aid due to simplification would be politically difficult because it would create some "losers." However, they argued that if aid is distributed more equitably, it would make changes easier to swallow.
The differences between the strategies of the winners and losers is determined with data derived from independent reports of teams of five to six experienced managers.
It can be argued, of course, that tax reform itself will produce "winners" and "losers," just a different group than under the current Code.
In contrast, if the $100 price is brought about through serious disruption in supply--through terrorist action, civil war, or natural event--and if the disruption is seen as likely to persist for some time, oil-consuming losers are more likely to contract their non-oil spending and thereby to produce an economic slump.