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LOSHLegion of Super Heroes (animated TV show)
LOSHLabor Occupational Safety and Health (program; University of California, Los Angeles)
LOSHLoggerhead Shrike (bird species Lanius ludovicianus)
LOSHLaboratorium for Organic Synthesis Hoornaert (Leuven, Belgium)
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Losh, however, focuses on disconnection at school; she explains that in the title of her book, the word war assumes that digital media deeply divide students and teachers which turn a once covert war between 'us' and 'them' into an open battle between 'our' technologies and 'their' technologies (Ramsdell, 2014).
Like Rhoads, Losh puts dialogue at the center of her philosophy of learning.
This messy intersection of the historic Academy and the digitally infused twenty-first-century life is home territory for Losh, who serves as director of the Culture, Art, and Technology Program at Sixth College at the University of California, San Diego.
Balsamo, Losh, Nakamura and Paredes also are teaching Unit 4 — “Diversity, Equity, Access” — of the six-unit Connected Courses class.
"Because identical twins share virtually 100 percent of their genes, this is strong evidence for the role of genetics in autism," Losh said.
In addition, the resignations of Philip Francis, Michael Losh and Michael O'Halleran from the Cardinal Health board became effective upon the completion of the spin-off.
Amongst those who followed his example was Sara Losh, who designed the church of St Mary's, Wreay, in Cumberland.
Goal orientation theory was developed to focus on achievement behaviour in classrooms (Ames, 1992) and is recognised as a useful theoretical approach to the understanding of student motivation in classrooms (Appelhans & Schmeck, 2002; Ferrer-Caja & Weiss, 2002; Tavani & Losh, 2003).
What most scientists fail to realize, observes sociologist Susan Carol Losh of Florida State University in Tallahassee, is how many people seriously misunderstand or consciously reject many of the basic precepts and findings of science.
Operations were run by Bolckow and Vaughan from July 1849 to October 1850 before Losh, Wilson and Bell took over ownership.