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LOSSALake Ontario Secondary School Association (Ontario, Canada)
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Ausmerzen uses only one picture to reveal a human face, that of a child, Ernst Lossa, as it appears on the official medical records of the psychiatric hospital of Kaufbeuren-Irsee.
pensou o guarda enquanto fazia o servico" 38: [my emphasis]), Paolini punctuates the narrative with the insertion of reports, such as the one given by an unnamed nurse working at the psychiatric clinic in which young Ernst Lossa was forcibly kept: "II pomeriggio dell'8 agosto 1944 mi regalo, nel cortile dell'istituto, una sua fotografia con la scritta "In memoria.
A point of coincidence between the book and the television program is the emphasis on Ernst Lossa, not treated as a pure symbol but as a rounded subject.
Lossa, of Deighton Road, was found guilty after a trial on January 16 last year of threatening behaviour towards a Police Community Support Officer.
The PCSO saw Lossa park his car in the taxi rank outside Wetherspoons on John William Street and approached him about this.
Lossa, 35, drove off further down the road before reversing his vehicle back into the taxi rank.
y a la escasa cooperacion con los gobiernos local, municipal y nacional, deja en evidencia el incumplimiento de lo estipulado en la LOSSA y en la LZEDS.
It is a apaper lossa but the company might face real fines (that have been secured by provisions), while other countries including Armenia and maybe Ukraine may follow Uzbekistan and try to deprive the company of its business in the regions.
Bourdalue, entre los franceses; entre los espanoles gozaron de gran fama en la region Agustin de Castejon, Francisco Valero y Lossa, Jose Climent y Francisco Alejandro Bocanegra.
Entre quienes llegaron estaban los ingenieros Francesco Cozza y Guido Burzi; tambien llegaron Antonio Caccielo, Paolo Lossa y Bartolo Serafini.
Agade Re gion : Arlit and Tchirozrine; - Diffa Re gion : Diffa, Main Soroa, and Nguigmi; - Dosso Re gion: Gaya, Doutchi, Loga, Tibiri, Kor Mairoua, Guchm, Doumga, Matankari, Kich, Lido, Mokko and Kiota; - Maradi Re gion : Madarounfa, Tesssaoua, Mayahi, Guidan Roumdji, Agui , Dakoro, Dan Issa, Tchadaoua, Gazaoua, Kanembakach, Tibiri, Jirataoua, Sa Saboua, and Angoual Mata; - Tahoua Region : Abalak, Illla, Bouza, Madaoua, Konni, Malbaza, Keita, Guidan Iddar, Galmi, Tsernaoua, Badaguichiri, Tounfafi, Tamask and Founkoye ; - Till abry Re gion : Filingu, Tra, Torodi, Kollo, Say, Sakoira, Lossa, Gothye, Hamdallaye, Ndounga and Karma ; and - Zinder Re gion: Mirriah, Magaria, Matameye, Tanout, Kantch, Droum, Takieta, Maimoujia, Sassoumbroum, Dantchiao, Tirmini, Band and Gogo.
SeeNews) - Nov 8, 2013 - Belgian food retailerA DelhaizeA (EBR:DELB) said Thursday it moved to a net lossA of EUR 87 million (USD 116.