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LOSSALake Ontario Secondary School Association (Ontario, Canada)
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Francisco Valerio e Lossa, arcivescovo de Toledo, nella quale manifesta a tutti suoi sudditi e motivi, che vi sono di temere, che l'ignoranza delle verita cristiane sia caggione di quello si crede etc.
Apegada a normativa em materia de regulacao alimentar, o artigo 62 da LOSSA estabelece que os alimentos importados com vistas a serem comercializados no territorio nacional venezuelano devem-se ajustar a normativa legal nacional em materia de alimentos e alimentacao (LOSSA, 2008, art.
Ausmerzen uses only one picture to reveal a human face, that of a child, Ernst Lossa, as it appears on the official medical records of the psychiatric hospital of Kaufbeuren-Irsee.
The Deighton man fumed: "It's an absolutely disgusting system - my name means 'justice' and you know nothing about it!" Lossa, of Deighton Road, was found guilty after a trial on January 16 last year of threatening behaviour towards a Police Community Support Officer.
It is a apaper lossa but the company might face real fines (that have been secured by provisions), while other countries including Armenia and maybe Ukraine may follow Uzbekistan and try to deprive the company of its business in the regions.
Names such as Bato, Batonianus, Bedarus, Beucus, Bricena(?), Aepicadus, Epicadus, Glavicida, Lossa, Passia, Platius, Pla[t]or, Purtus, Sam[e]ccus fall in the first subcategory.
Lossa, [1] Roberto Giordano Lerena, [1] Laura Elena Fernandez, [1] Juana Vairetti, [1] Carolina Diaz, [1] Diego Arcidiacono [1] y Norma Peralta [1]
The text of Rudd's apology, released yesterday, says A"sorryA" three times to the Stolen Generation and apologies for A"profound grief, suffering and lossA" to those affected by the policies.
Lossie itself he derived from Gaelic Uisge Lossa 'water of herbs' (with old genitive plural retained), comparing Water of Luce 'river of herbs' in Galloway.
Bourdalue, entre los franceses; entre los espanoles gozaron de gran fama en la region Agustin de Castejon, Francisco Valero y Lossa, Jose Climent y Francisco Alejandro Bocanegra.
Entre quienes llegaron estaban los ingenieros Francesco Cozza y Guido Burzi; tambien llegaron Antonio Caccielo, Paolo Lossa y Bartolo Serafini.