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LOSTLaw of the Sea Treaty
LOSTLocal Option Sales Tax (special purpose tax)
LOSTLinux One Stanza Tips
LOSTLiberty Owners Special Team
LOSTLooking Over Strange Terrain :-)
LOSTLine Of Sight Tasking
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Lost Margaret took my heart with her--out there," said the old lover, who had been faithful for fifty years to his drowned sweetheart.
At the Restoration he necessarily lost both the position and a considerable part of his property, and for a while he went into hiding; but through the efforts of Marvell and others he was finally included in the general amnesty.
His very obstinacy and egoism now enabled him, blind, comparatively poor, and the representative of a lost cause, to maintain his proud and patient dignity in the midst of the triumph of all that was most hateful to him, and, as he believed, to God.
I thought so to myself at that very time; and if I had had any halfpence in my pocket, I would have given her some; for to be sure it is always good to be charitable to those sort of people, for fear what may happen; and many a person hath lost his cattle by saving a halfpenny.
Nor was she satisfied with that; for a little time afterwards he lost a barrel of best-drink: for the old witch pulled out the spigot, and let it run all over the cellar, the very first evening he had tapped it to make merry with some of his neighbours.
All eyes were strained after the little bark as it pulled for shore, rising and sinking with the huge rolling waves, until it entered, a mere speck, among the foaming breakers, and was soon lost to view.
The wind whistled, the sea roared, the gloom was only broken by the ghastly glare of the foaming breakers, the minds of the seamen were full of dreary apprehensions, and some of them fancied they heard the cries of their lost comrades mingling with the uproar of the elements.
We lost our way in the jungle and blundered into the palace-garden by mistake.
But I've never been lost before," murmured the dainty maiden, "and I'm worried and afraid.
He lost one of his shoes among the cabbages, and the other shoe amongst the potatoes.
Another move and the game would be lost to Gahan unless the Orange Odwar was overthrown, or Tara moved to a position of safety; but to move his Princess now would be to admit his belief in the superiority of the Orange.
Bonacieux, against Buckingham, but above all against D'Artagnan--projects lost in the distance of the future.