LOSYLocalized NMR Spectroscopy
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HANDY: Jackie Losy with the Knowat customer-response device
With regard to this subject matter, readers are urged to consult the monograph of Julian Siedlicki, Losy Polakow w ZSRR w latach 1939-1986 [The Fate of the Poles in the U.S.S.R.
Comte de Losy and the Prelude, Fantasia and Fugue in C major, which, though separated in the manuscript, are closely enough related to make an excellent group.
There is an excellent suite that could possibly be by Count Losy, the extraordinarily gifted aristocratic lutenist and dedicatee of Weiss's superb 1721 Tombeau, and even one minuet that has me thinking of the youthful Haydn.
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O dalsze losy zawodowe martwilo sie 31 (15,7%) osob, zwolnienia z pracy obawialo sie 38 (19,3%) osob, a braku mozliwosci awansowania --40 (20,3%) osob.
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