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LOTASLevel One Trauma Anesthesia Simulation (emergency care study)
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Zia was also able to rule the country for over a decade, of course with the support of the lotas. His Majlis-i-Shoura consisted of members from almost all the major parties of the country.
Darant toki stoga reiketu deti dviguba oro tarpo lota, juos sukryziuojant viena ant kito.
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Having turncoats and Lotas on both sides Zia legacy could be the demarcation line between Benazir and Nawaz Sharif.
The PTI has been stuffed with dirty "lotas" and traditional, status quo "electables" to bring Imran into office and keep him there by a carrot-and-stick policy.
The politicians changing their loyalties are openly criticised as 'lotas'.
Result, violent fights taking place between party loyalists and the lotas turncoats for party tickets.
However, the fact that Imran Khan has now joined hands with the traditional 'lotas' or turncoats as well as the renegade elements belonging to the deep state, who actually represent and define the status quo, in his quest for power shows that his slogans of change are hollow.
'Nazi [Imran Khan] has distributed tickets to 'Lotas' (politicians those who abandoned their parent parties to join PTI|) by ignoring genuine party workers which shows picture of his 'Naya Pakistan'', Shahbaz said.
The induction of such notorious criminals like Farooq Bandyal and the corrupt of the corrupt and what in Pakistani politics are known as lotas, and held them in pride as delectable mdashone should shudder to think what sort of government PTI will set up in case it was made to win.
The other is Imran Khan who thinks he has a magic wand that will bring us rivers of milk and honey And if Imran Khan's dream team for implementation of 100 days plan are the 101 turncoats aka lotas he has accumulated from different parties, then we can only expect 100 more u turns from PTI but no turnaround for the country.