LOTCLey Orgánica del Tribunal Constitucional (Spanish law)
LOTCLegends of the Cage (mixed martial arts)
LOTCLearning Outside the Classroom
LOTCLord of the Craft (gaming)
LOTCLoss of Thrust Control
LOTCList of Temporary Changes
LOTCLight of the Canyon (Methodist church; Anaheim Hills, CA)
LOTCLomita Obedience Training Club (est. 1954; Lomita, CA)
LOTCLock Out Tail Cap (flashlights)
LOTCLeadership Officer Training Corps
LOTCLanguage of the Cavemen
LOTCLoss of Throttle Control
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In 2006, while the lawsuit was on appeal, LOTC sold its position in the lawsuit for $5,750,000.
In 2002, Long, on behalf of LOTC, entered into an agreement with LORH (the Riverside agreement) whereby LOTC agreed to buy land owned by LORH for $8,282,800, with a set closing date of Dec.
de reforma de la LOTC, que tendria su plasmacion final en la Ley
In their report, they said the "rich and extensive LOTC programme" was popular with students and was used "very well to enrich teaching and learning across the curriculum".
1 LOTC [RCL 1979, 2383]), sin perjuicio de que, por mandato del art.