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LOTCALoewenstein Occupational Therapy Cognitive Assessment
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The Loewenstein Occupational Therapy Cognitive Assessment (LOTCA) battery, which is a performance test, contains 20 items categorized into four subscales: orientation (2 items), perception (6 items), visuomotor organization (7 items), and thinking operations (5 items; the score for the pictorial sequence is obtained with the average of two tasks, A and B).
Table 3 shows the correlations found between the LOTCA scales and the neuropsychology test scales.
LOTCA is a relatively systematic test that can be useful for initial assessments of people who are beginning treatment for addictive behaviors with or without substances.
There was significant difference in WHR (P = 0.05), LPTA (P = 0.001), and average LOTCA scores (P = 0.01) of exercise participants compared to control group (Table 1).
In this study, there was a significant (P = 0.01) improvement in all LOTCA 7-subset variables among subjects following 12 weeks of moderate aerobic training compared to pretest and control group that showed slight improvement in LOTCA scores as shown in Table 2.
In the present study, the cognitive abilities of 100 older adults of both control and exercise group were measured using LOTCA scores, a cognitive evaluation test formed of 7-subset variables.