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LOTDLand of the Dead (movie)
LOTDLook of the Day
LOTDLord Of The Dance (show)
LotDLords of the Dead (gaming group)
LotDLegion of the Damned (Netherlands thrash metal band)
LOTDLink of the Day
LOTDLens of the Day (Squidoo photography blog)
LOTDLuck of the Draw (online card game)
LOTDList of the Day (Dilbert)
LOTDLinux on the Desktop
LOTDLaugh of the Day
LOTDLine Of The Day
LOTDLegend of the Dragoon (video game)
LOTDLesson of the Day
LOTDLeader of the Dance (music website)
LOTDLetter of Technical Direction
LOTDLaw of Thermodynamics
LOTDLie of the Day (humor website)
LotDLee of the Day (cartoon)
LotDLife of the Damned (website)
LOTDLord of the Destruction (Diablo 2 gaming clan)
LOTDLoop of the Day
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The change orders, administrative change letters, and LOTDs are roughly equivalent to FRAGOs; they communicate to the contractor changes to the original contract and provide direction to clarify or change details in previous contract documents.
These documents include but are not limited to PWSs, letters of justification, PPRs, and LOTDs.
Contractors and service members involved in this operation conducted technical inspections of all equipment and identified deficiencies that the battalion maintenance team had to correct before the lateral transfer, which had to take place within 60 days of the publication of the LOTDs.
An LOTD is used for minor changes that do not require any additional outlay of funds.
Within days, the ACO gave the contractor an LOTD formally directing the contractor to provide limited class IV service.
In contrast to an LOTD, a change order is required when additional expenses will be incurred.
Usually, the need for an LOTD or a change order is obvious.
The ACO will not issue an LOTD or change order without supporting documentation provided by the unit.
The contractor's response time following the LOTD was usually slow, which further delayed the delivery of required support.
The process to obtain an ACL is more complicated than that of an LOTD.
In many situations, the requirement for an LOTD or ACL hinders support.
The Government may have to pay some fees to the contractor to exercise the contractor-control relationship, but the LOTD will become a thing of the past.