LOTEMLong-Offset Transient Electromagnetic (method)
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Lotem Stapleton, a Physical Education Officer for combat soldiers, told Reuters that she feels that the army is heading towards a better future in terms of women's equal opportunities.
Lotem J, Levanon D, Negreanu V, Bauer O, Hantisteanu S, Dicken J, et al.
"What [feels] good in the short run may have a high price in the long run," Lotem told the Paphos conference, adding that gas exports should be used to bind Israel, Turkey and Cyprus closer for regional peace.
Evolutionary explanations of the toleration of freeriders who are not close kin again center on reciprocal altruism or indirect reciprocal altruism (Trivers, 1971; Alexander, 1987; Brembs, 1996; Nowak & Sigmund, 1998; Lotem et al., 1999, 2003; Wedekind & Melinski, 2000; Leimar & Hammerstein, 2001).
The high-tech Lotem unit gave a rare exhibition of the technologies it has developed to protect against rocket attacks--one of Israel's main security fears.
In the contested valley of Lotem a stone wall and monument was erected, reported the Globe, with "hundreds of small plaques etched with names and home towns of Canadians who have contributed money to the Galilee settlements." Most of the donors to Galil Canada were Jewish, "but a Pentecostal congregation in Vancouver, the Glad Tidings Temple, has given $1-million."
I'm crazy about her," gushes Lotem about her commanding officer.
These leukemic cells are resistant to inducers of myeloid differentiation such as ATRA; however, after exposure to other agents such as TPA (Lotem and Sachs, 1979; Koeffler et al., 1981) and teleocidin (Fujiki et al., 1981) they differentiate to macrophage-like cells.
Still Creek Press relies on KODAK products for most of its production, utilizing a KODAK LOTEM 400 QUANTUM Platesetter with MCU, KODAK SWORD EXCEL Plates, and a KODAK MATCHPRINT Inkjet Proofer, all tied together with KODAK PRINERGY CONNECT Workflow.
Balshine-Earn and Lotem (1998), for example, found that sex visual recognition occurs in the cichlid Neolamprologus brichardi (Poll, 1974) that were kept together during a month.
Isakov E, Mizrahi J, Solzi P, Susak Z and Lotem M (1986): Response of peroneal muscles to sudden inversion of the ankle.