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LOTILand-Ocean Temperature Index
LOTILevel of Technology Implementation
LOTILaughing on the Inside
LOTILuck of the Irish
LOTILotus Owners Touring Iowa (car club)
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Furthermore, to calculate the phase difference between the LOTI and solar activity, the mean and confidence interval of the phase over regions with higher than 5 % statistical significance is estimated.
Ce lien entre collections et identite se manifeste dans la maniere dont Loti avait regle sa succession.
Since his arrival in Tynedale, Loti has quickly moved up the grades.
Although it really needs a comprehensive, government-funded plan to install basic amenities, LOTI has focused instead on smaller, more manageable projects to restore its historic buildings.
What they do reveal, however, is the development of Loti's preoccupation with recording feelings in a way that would allow him to retrieve them later, as well as amazement at the way involuntary memory could provide him with unexpected access to apparently forgotten moments in his past and the vivid emotions that were part of them, what he referred to as "le passe mort" He was astounded, for example, while visiting India on his way back from a tour of duty in the Far East, to discover that certain things there summoned up long-forgotten moments from his sojourn in Tahiti fourteen years before: "cela m'impressionne et je vois que ces souvenirs de la-bas vivent encore au fond de mon coeur" (681).
Scholars have wondered why, for the first and only time in his life, Loti turned to a historical subject.
Returning to the Sisitine Chapel, Lapo and Loti are astonished by the way Michelangelo has burst through the time-honoured craft-restraints of fresco painting to cover vast areas of the ceiling in a single day.
loti. Selected plants were cross-pollinated by bumblebees in isolated indoor cages to produce the Syn.
Historian Helene De Burgh undertakes a literary analysis of the writings of nineteenth-century author and naval captain Pierre Loti. Finding in Loti a contrast to the predominantly feminised images of colonised men, De Burgh argues: 'Loti offers us a new image of the colonised male as virile, attractive and empowered'.
Some time ago, we received several videotapes from the LOTI Group for review, including: "Navy SEALs: The Silent Option," "SEAL BUDS Training," "SEAls in Vietnam: An Inside Look," "SEAL Ambush: Red Cell" and "SEAL: Evolution of the Teams."