LOTLLord of the Lost (band)
LOTLLanterns on the Lake (band)
LOTLLand of the Lost (TV show and film)
LOTLLife on the Line (various organizations)
LOTLLesbians on the Loose (magazine)
LOTLLord of the Lines (Matix Skateboarding Competition)
LOTLLove of the Land
LOTLLegion of the Light (World of Warcraft guild)
LOTLLady of the Lakes (real estate; Pinckney, MI)
LOTLLady of the Lotus (book by William Edmund Barrett)
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Star Observer and LOTL commenced in the 1980s, SX and Cherrie in the 2000s.
In fact, one of the reasons why he reckons he is good at sponsoring (a home-delivery version of telephone counseling) is that he suspects he has "a lot in common with everybody" (LOTL 139; emphasis in the original), a feature he benefits from in his business activity.
One might have expected quite the opposite: that such a ruminative and reflective character would have rather resembled the lonely nineteenth-century "inner directed" man with a strong character, but that is something Frank realizes he lacks, much to his dismay (LOTL 74).
Melchior's, has never personally killed anyone, stays in shape for the fire department, loves his wife and can't wait for the sun to come up so he can get crackin'" (LOTL 282).
In fact, he maintains that his dress style has remained unchanged since the early sixties (LOTL 211).
This feeling of belonging to something greater provides Frank with solace in times of need, as when he is diagnosed with prostate cancer: "you share your condition--a kind of modern American condition--with 200,000 other Americans, which is comforting" (LOTL 168-69).
Many of you were surprised to learn that after 20 years, curve passed into new ownership: that of my independent publishing company Avalon Media, which produces Australia's lesbian magazines LOTL and BOUND.
I am loving BOUND magazine and can say living in North Queensland it is a real treat to get my LOTL and BOUND!
For the past 20 years, we have been entertained, inspired, stirred and fired up by LOTL and most recently by BOUND.
LotlS Select extended timed curated offers; weather-hold shipping and the LotlB blog featuring educational content and topical wine news are also new.