LOTNLord of the Nations (religious group; Philippines)
LOTNLaws of the Night (Vampire: The Masquerade game)
LOTNLandelijke Onderzoekschool Theoretische Natuurkunde (Dutch: Netherlands Graduate School of Theoretical Physics; Netherlands)
LOTNLegend of the Nobles (multi-user game)
LOTNLive on the News (Forex trading)
LOTNLegacy of the North (role-playing)
LOTNLady of the Night
LOTNLord of the Net (online retailer)
LOTNLegion of the North (gaming guild)
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This is why there is a plan to sign a deal with LOTN, which will have access to the engineers in the US in case of any problems, Carvalho specified.
Quantity / scope: read the dce lot n 1 - vrd works lot n 2 - big work lot n 3 - metal frame / locker / siding / creation of chevetres lotn 4 - sealing / zinguerie lot n 5 - outdoor joinery aluminum / desenfuming lot n 6 - internal joinery woods / sports parquet lot n 7 - platrerie / painting lot n 8 - strong and low current electricity lot n 9 - heating / ventilation / plumbing / sanitary lot nr.
equipped with 2 gas boilers.3- salle polyvalente and sports, cours du buisson 77186noisiel classification of the establishment: type x of 3rd categorysurface: 1035 square metersfitted with 2 gas boilers.The description and the technical specifications of the services to realize, as well as the terms and conditions of execution of the contract are indicated in the cahier des clauses techniques and the cahier des clauses administratifs particulires, common to the lots.Visit on site compulsory: the candidate will have to make an appointment with joseph rebelo, manager of the building unit, tel: +33 (0) - email: joseph.Rebelo@mairie-noisiel.Fr visit dates: wednesday, may 22 at: 14h00 lot n 1, 15h00 lot n 2 16h00 lotn 3monday, may 27th at: 9h30 lot n 110h30 lot n 211h30 lot n 3