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LOTRLord Of The Rings (book by J.R.R. Tolkien; movie series)
LOTRLords of the Realm (computer game)
LOTRLegend of the Rangers (movie)
LOTRLife Orientation Test-Revised (behavioral health)
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Besides the amazing poetry and poetic prose in the LOTR, what strikes me now in rereading it, is the sense of mission that Tolkien invests in its heroes, led by a pack of hobbits--smaller-sized, human-like creatures.
Gandalf is unable to recast the broken spell a third time, and his magic staff burns to smoking ash in his hands as the spirit of Sauron appears as the pupil of the fiery and lidless eye so familiar from LOTR.
LOTR Films is looking for sponsors for their marathon, which they'll be running from February 22 to 23.
Conspicuously underemployed since LOTR, Orlando Bloom makes a rather pointless return as Legolas.
Howard Shore outdid himself with the score this time, despite his work in LOTR already being top notch.
The whole tone of the movie was lighter than the LOTR trilogy, but Jackson still provided quiet scenes that provide the most weight in the story.
The route goes through fictional Lothlorien, past Amon Hen and the tree where Sean Bean's character Boromir meets his end in the first LOTR film.
The author concludes that omissions of LOTR episodes are regrettable yet "hardly tragic" and even understandable given the constraints inherent in filmmaking (66).
Viggo Mortensen and Liv Tyler of 'Lord of the Rings', who played lovers Arwen and Aragon in three Tolkien epics, reportedly earned USD3 billion for the LOTR franchise.
In the case of the latter game, the acquisition will unify all games rights for the LOTR franchise, as Warner Bros already held all The Lord of the Rings (LOTR) games rights, with the exception of the literary MMO (massively multiplayer online game) rights.