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VVWORD search J K C UL LOTY A F C J NMJOG VDX EA SAHU MS M C H BMOK UNP LC J IRS L EWQ I BEYL L O I UR GMCE I KP LY JOHD NUHJKNOAI S I T RU CRNV KJHT IMECA EWQ AN BGED Find the names of four RSA Chasewinning trainers (Names can appear vertically, horizontally, diagonally, backwards or forwards) VVSPOT the mistake The oldest winner of the King George VI Chase remains the very first, Southern Hero in 1937.
LITTER PICKERS: Barbara Duff from Wallasey Soroptimists, with (from left) Lotys Scott, Sue Taylor and Jenny Dobson who conducted a litter pick on New Brighton Beach.