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LOUTLowest Operational Use Temperature
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And the louts come and pound at the great gates, and we pound back again, and shout at them.
We need to work from the bottom by working directly with local people to understand the whole situation,' Lout said.
SOME 94% of the public fear being assaulted if they were to tackle litter louts, a survey reveals.
The film also shows children crying and the lout calling a passenger a "speccy ***".
Pearson's lawyer says his firing is the product of a 16-month smear campaign from community members, including Lout, who targeted him because of his race.
But Sheriff Craig Caldwell told the thug: "There's no doubt you were part of a foul-mouthed group of drunken and aggressive louts at that game."
As if a message on a pizza box will make any dierence to a litter lout. I take a morning walk almost every day and am appalled at the cans, bags and rubbish discarded by the side of country roads, in woods and -elds, and at beauty spots like Beaumont Park and Castle Hill.
THE stereotype of the British lager lout may be on the way out, if new reports are to be believed.
Every time you catch a story regarding the use of boats or PWC's in North Wales - you instantly label every one with a PWC as a yob, lout or other similar unfair termwhether a PWC has been involved or not.
In this latest twist on so-called "happy slapping" the lout turns and grins before running at the man and barging him into the water in South Shields, Tyne & Wear.
The pompous mooner complained: 'I am a public school educated university student, not a lout.' Ah yes, of course, only the working classes are louts.